Introduction to APC  
The Inter-governmental Asia-Pacific Consultations on Refugees, Displaced Persons and Migrants (APC) is an UNHCR and IOM supported affiliation of Asia-Pacific governments, who seek regional co-operation on matters relating to population movements, including refugees, displaced persons and migrants.

The APC operates in an informal, consultative, non-binding manner, with Coordinators from various Asia-Pacific countries taking the reigns on a rotating basis.

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Members can obtain more information about APC events in the APC government access portion of this website.

APC-Government Access
APC Governments who need password access should contact the APC Secretariat for assistance (click here for link to contact details). 

Above Photographs: 452-1 Shalman Refugee Camp, Khyber Pass, Pakistan - Credit: (c) 2002 Jonathan Frerichs/Lutheran World Relief 2006-598 A Tibetan nomadic boy; Tibet, China -  Credit: (c) 2005 Aleksandr Dye, Courtesy of Photoshare

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